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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Up to Date

Wow, more than a year since I last posted. 2007 has been quite busy. I moved from ohio to Virginia, finished school, and am building a new house. I expect to start posting here again actively now that school is over. I have so much extra time now for other things, I don't know what to do with it all.

Oh, since this is my soapbox. I wanted to toss out there that I am supporting Fred Thompson in his efforts to become the next President. My primary reasons are that his views and mine are in alignment more closely than any of the other candidates from either party.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Fall has passed

Winter is enroute to NE Ohio. The majority of leaves have been raked and removed from my yard; although, many continue to remain. My school work is continuing to proceed with good results, managing to maintain a 3.92 GPA. This weekend is looking like I will have some time to work on projects, (other than schoolwork) for a change. My kitchen remodel has a couple of items that need completion, then that should be it for that room. Almost time to start on the living room with wallpaper removal and some painting. Work has been quite busy lately, fortunately I have not traveled much, that helps. Well, I didn't really have anything to write today, I think, but why have this silly blog around if I don't write something on occasion.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

More Travel

After several months of no travel, my schedule has picked up and I have been traveling nearly every week. At least the weather is still relatively nice. Most of my travels recently have entailed driving, which is okay, although flying gets you there a little more rested. I have to say, here in Detroit the place to stay is the Marriott Renaissance. It is a wonderful hotel, with the exception of parking. I opted for the valet since park-it-yourself became a little confusing. Anyway, Detroit is a happening place and the trip so far has been mostly enjoyable. The weather is a little off with some rain and lots of clouds. Well, just thought I would write since it has been a long while since last time.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Amazing Book

I am in the middle of reading one of the most well written books I have yet seen. The Loch, by Steve Alten is a wonderful fictional work and Mr. Alten puts forth superior writing skills within this novel. The reviews mostly indicated this book is one that you cannot put down after starting. Although much of my free time is absorbed with school work, I was compelled to read this novel. True to the reviews, I did not want to put it down, eventually after reading half the book I had to stop, it was very late. I must complete a paper today; however I hope to find some time to finish The Loch today. I strongly recommend reading this one.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Recent happenings

It has been a while since last writing. School has taken up much of my time, I am almost complete with Critical Thinking. This course has been quite intense; interesting, but intense. Took a trip to Niagara Falls, an absolutely wonderful place to visit (Check out the excellent photo at left). Viewed from both sides, have to say the Canadians received the better part of that deal. If you go, you must take the behind the falls tour on the Canadian side, it is amazing. They have a tunnel that goes under the falls and openings that reach right up behind it. Probably as close as anyone really wants to get. Anyway, Happy Summer to everyone. Congratulations to Linnea on her recent promotion, I am sorry I couldn't make it to your party, wish I could have been able to attend. I have started posting photos at Weather Underground, a superior weather site. Talk to you later on.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day 2006

There is no one else like a mother. Being the vessel that grows and brings forth life into our world is a most amazing thing. My mother raised me and gave me the skills to make my way on my own, which is a serious task indeed. Toiling day after day to ensure I had what was required to maintain my health and develop my abilities. My mother's tasking was never over, after I grew to adulthood and left home, she took a job and essentially adopted her younger co-workers. Thus she was Grandma to many of them. I lost my mother a year and a half ago. The only regret I truly have is that my job often took me away for lengthy periods of time and I wish I had chosen another means to make a living. That would have allowed more time as an adult to spend with her. Anyway, I hope my mother is doing well where she is and I miss her terribly. Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Current Events

This whole issue about domestic spying is quite the controversy. I believe the government has to do whatever it takes to protect us from another attack. Most of us are uncomfortable with too much prying into our personal lives, but also desire maximum protection for our nation. It is a juggling act to attempt to achieve both, but they both are necessary. I don't really have a problem with the program, as long as congress continues to watch what the program is doing and how they are managing the data they collect.